Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh my, delicious pie!

My cousin cooks.  And bakes.  And blogs.  And makes a lot of delicious treats that would pad my stomach more than I want them to.  But with our stake throwing a "Pie-o-neer" celebration last week, I needed to make a pie for sharing (and maybe for competition!).

But I hate making pie crust.

It's messy, it's hard to get it flaky and not too thick or not too thin, and I HATE HATE HATE scrubbing my countertops after rolling it out.

So my darling cousin at Cardamommy and Coriaunty Cooking, posted a pie crust that they found here.

It's still messy to make but . . . 

Oh my.
It's delish.  And the scrubbing?  Well since it's made with butter a hot washcloth melts it right off your countertops.

It's a huge recipe (that I cut in half) and I highly recommend you read both blogs about it to get a clear picture but it is so worth trying.  Especially if you like pie.

So here's my apple and my lemon meringue.  Maybe I'll win?

If I don't, it won't be the crusts fault.