Friday, July 29, 2011

For Fairy Tale Fans

We have another awesome funny fairy tale from Leah Wilcox:
Waking Beauty is a hilarious take on the traditional sleeping beauty.  It was done with the same illustrator as her book Falling for Rapunzel and is just as cute.  In fact, I've now purchased both books to add to our collection because my 3-year old loves them so much and I love them too!  I love a good fairy tale.

Anyway, when the prince finds the princess, he won't listen to the fairies telling him how to wake her and so he tries all sorts of wonderful antics with no luck.  Finally, when they get through to him that he needs to kiss her -- my favorite couplet (two lines that rhyme -- see you learned something) -- "One hundred years of morning breath.  Wow!  That could be the kiss of death."

It's so cute.  I wish I had thought of it first!  But I didn't and I won't be jealous.  
Well, maybe just a little.