Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Direction (at least for a little while . . . )

My husband and I have been watching the Harry Potter movies in anticipation of the final movie coming out (just like everyone else, I know) and I realized it had been a while since I'd read all the books in order.  I have a friend who has read the entire series 16 times (I'm serious -- and I know he's not lying), and while I don't intend to go that far (right now anyway), I've almost finished the first and am loving the reread.

It's fun to pick up on things with fresh eyes but also with the perspective of knowing what happens in the end.  Kind've makes me think that when I'm in a life pickle (or trying desperately to make lemonade out of lemons) that I need to mellow out because I don't know the end.  My husband and I have already been in situations where the end has come and we've said to each other "so that's why this and this happened before"!

And that's my philosophical moment from Harry Potter for you.

Anyway, since I'm planning to be occupied in reading books that have been reviewed a gazillion times and read more than that, I'm going to focus more on teaching ideas for the next little while.  I've been re-inspired by a friend who is planning her son's kindergarten curriculum.  I've had a few ideas that will hopefully work for someone out there!

That, and I'll be traveling in the near future which means hopefully I'll be inspired by that as well!

We'll see what happens -- stay tuned!