Friday, June 10, 2011

Resolution Number Two

For preschool on Wednesday, we covered the letter F.  And that meant fish, flowers, and family.  I have a ton of pictures that I took from a recent visit from my parents and I pulled out others I have paper copies of (most of course are digital) and created this "display" on my wall.

I love it . . . but . . . 

Ok #1 -- it's very temporary looking and ultimately I would love to have something more permanent in decor but also easy to change out -- there are so many pictures I love!
#2 -- I have zillions of pictures of my girls and a good amount of my parents but hardly any of anyone else -- and that's my in-laws, my 4 brothers and their (some of them) families and my husband's six siblings.
#3 -- We don't live near any of them and my girls don't know them.


Resolution number two is to get to know family better.  And that means two things:
#1 -- Figure out a nice way to display the pictures I love and also pictures of extended family so that my kids can at least see who they are!
#2 -- Get pictures of extended family!

That could be more difficult than I think it will be though . . . 

Wish me luck!