Monday, June 6, 2011

Princes, and dragons, and kisses -- oh my!

We get a lot of princess books around here.  I've always been a fan and two little girls only encourage that.  But this week, we've branched out and found a book about a prince, his father the king, and a brave (somewhat) knight that all kids -- princes and princesses -- will love.
David Melling's The Kiss That Missed is utterly delightful!

It's the story of a busy king who, in a hurry, blows a kiss to his son -- that misses!!  The royal family sends their loyal knight to catch that kiss and of course he runs into all sorts of danger.  Fortunately, that kiss flying around helps him out -- just a little bit and he is able to return to the castle with the kiss.

The king learns that he needs to take a little more time and everyone benefits from the power of that kiss.

Fun illustrations, cute cute story, and a little reminder to take some time
So go read your kids a story and then give them a whole bunch of kisses -- just to make sure they don't miss.