Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Source For Book Ideas

Happy belated Mother's Day to everyone!  I had the best Mother's Day weekend.  I took Saturday and packed it full of fabric therapy and a writer's workshop at our library.  I haven't written in ages but I have some book ideas in my head and thought a workshop would be just the thing to get back into the game.

I was write (haha)!  But not only did I come away inspired about my own writing, I came away with a great resource for my kids.

The presenter of the workshop was Anastasia Suen: author, elementary school teacher, and bubbly-personality extraordinaire!  
She has some fabulous resources at her site for both writers and readers.  That also includes a blog for both a picture book a day and a chapter book a day.  She has quite a range -- including many books that are more boy oriented.  That probably sounds odd and I don't mean to discriminate, but she highlights books on sports and animals and subjects that typically seem to draw boys in well.  Which is very good.

Take a look through what she has -- it's definitely worth your time!