Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun.  There's something about the search for the prize that just makes people smile.  That's why there are pirates!

I wanted another scavenger hunt for our preschool/playgroup, but one where each child gets the exact same thing.  I know I should be teaching my children that life isn't fair but I've decided that a lesson with 7 other children is not the time that I want to deal with that tantrum if I can help it.

So this week, we're focusing on the letter "B" and I've decided on a hunt for things that start with B.  But how to do it?  Simple!
Create a page for each child with pictures of items around your home that start with B.  Then write (or print on the computer) the word for each object on a sheet of file label stickers.  Just make sure you put all of that word on the same sheet. (Email me if you want this sheet -- I can't get a Word file to attach . . .)

And then off you go!

Our group of kiddos (ages 2 & 3) had a great time running around the house looking for obvious things and then putting stickers on their paper.  I guess they could've colored it too but it worked pretty well.  And they covered lots of words that start with the letter B!