Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Read Across America Day

Reading should be something that you do every day.  No question.  But it's always nice to have a reason to celebrate!  So in honor of Read Across America Day, here are my picks for something to read:

First pick is for the ladies.  My grandma sent me this one.  I've read Kate Morton's other two books as well (The Forgotten Garden, and The House at Riverton) and this is my favorite by far.  It may take you a minute to really dive in, but it's worth the perseverance.  Morton has a fantastic style and incredible use of vocabulary but a way of writing that you get it -- even if you don't know the word.  The characters are endearing, and creepy, and heart-breaking and the mystery is fantastic.  I didn't guess correctly.  Really.  And I love it when I don't guess correctly.  And, I felt that everything in this novel was relevant -- no side stories that were left on the side of the road to molder (don't you love the word molder?  So appropriate for a post about this book too . . .).  

Second pick is for the little ones:
My FAVORITE Denise Fleming book and it is well loved by all in our house.  So simple and so adorable.  My daughter memorized it when she was 18 months old and to hear her tiny little voice "read" the book was just priceless.  It's a great read for the little little ones and of course serves the double purpose in it's name when you have it in board book format and your baby is teething!

Only two?  Of course not.  But I can't reveal all just for Read Across America Day.  But eventually you'll see lots more here.  Because I can't help but read.  And some days, that's a problem -- mostly on cleaning days.

Writing about books is making me itch to get to the library.  Or better yet, a used book store.