Friday, March 25, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

I enjoy celebrations.  A lot.  They're a little bit something different from the everyday and they don't have to be big to be special.

I also think they're a great way to do some theme-based learning with your kids.  In fact, after our little St. Patrick Day's event, I think I want to do more.  But I just can't wait for Easter!
So I found a book.  (Hmmm, I kind've feel like Hermione Granger . . . )
I didn't actually buy this book -- it's quite pricey.  But our local library has last year's edition and that's a great place to start!  I think that most holidays, major and minor, just vary on the day of the week, sometimes the actual date.

These celebrations looked like they would be fun to work with in March:
March 11 -- Johnny Appleseed Day (he has another one in September though -- lucky guy!)
March 15 -- The Ides of March -- If you're studying Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, you have to do it around the Ides of March.  It just makes sense!
March 18-20 -- Sherlock Holmes Weekend.  Ok this one is at the Jersey Shore but why not celebrate in your neck of the woods . . . or beach.
March 19 -- National Quilting Day -- love it love it love it!
March 21-27 -- World Folk Tales and Fables Week.  This one always starts the first Monday of spring.
March 27 (1952) -- The premiere of Singin' in the Rain one of my favorite movies EVER!  It's general release date for the United States was April 11 though so I'll definitely be celebrating next month . . . 

I double-checked all these on the web (not always entirely accurate) but am pretty sure these are correct for 2011.  I'll also be headed back to the library to beat the train for April.  I'll keep you posted.